MOTS 3-D Triangle

Here at Movies on the Side, we love our listeners! That's why we have developed a 3-D style, triangle-shaped scheme for levels of appreciation! Below you will find our most faithful listeners who have completed the steps to attain their gem-stone animal. To learn how YOU can join the family, scroll all the way down to instructions on attaining these presitigous levels.

Emerald Elephant

Pearl Platypus

Topaz Toucan

Sapphire Seaslug

Amethyst Algae

MOTS Levels

To achieve the following prestigious levels of our MOTS Triangle, complete each step. All steps under a specific level must be completed before moving up!

Level 1: Amethyst Algae

  • Be a regular listener of MOTS. You're all Algae in our eyes.

Level 2: Sapphire Seaslug

Level 3: Topaz Toucan

  • Leave us a 5-Star rating on Apple Podcasts. Google and Spotify don't have rating systems, so borrow your friends iPhone, subscribe them to MOTS, and then you can both leave us a 5-Star rating!

Level 4: Ruby Raccoon

  • Tweet or post on Instagram about MOTS, say how much you love the show and tag @moviesontheside

Level 5: Pearl Platypus

  • Tweet or post on Instagram with a photo of MOTS imagery or yourself listening to the show!

Level 6: Diamond Dingo

  • Tag your best friends (2-3) on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and tell them how much you love MOTS and send them our link:!

Level 7: Emerald Elephant